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 Module 4 builds upon Module 2’s work with place value within 20, now focusing on the role of place value in the addition and subtraction of numbers to 40.  Students study, organize, and manipulate numbers within 40.  They compare quantities and begin using the symbols for greater than (>) and less than (<).  Addition and subtraction of tens is another focus of this module as is the use of familiar strategies to add two-digit and single-digit numbers within 40.  Near the end of the module, the focus moves to new ways to represent larger quantities and adding like place value units as students add two-digit numbers.

 ELA- Unit 5- 

The decodable Reader for Unit 5 is "Kate's Book." It follows a girl named Kate who has various adventures during her summer vacation and eventually writes a book about them.  Students will learn about and practice changing nouns from singular to plural, as well as the way some root words change when adding the suffi xes –ing and –ed. They will review nouns and verbs, including the identification and formation of present, past, and future tense. Additional grammar topics covered in this unit are sentence types, parts of sentences, and sentence building. Students will practice identifying and creating statements, questions, and exclamations, both orally and in writing. They will also practice creating longer sentences.

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