Reading Log Directions:
Your child needs to read every night. Write the title of the book and initial. This is due every day. The completed log is due on Mondays and a new log will be sent home. *The library is a great place to go to get books on your child's reading level.

Reader Response Directions:
Your child only needs to complete this for ONE of the books on the reading log. You may help your child with spelling, but they must write the title, author, and fill in graphic organizer. This is due on Fridays. It will be checked and returned on Mondays.

This Week's Spelling Words:
1. keep
2. going
3. ten
4. six
5. nine
6. reason
7. ready
8. any

*Due to the field trip and the day off on Thursday, there will be no vocabulary words this week.
This Week's Vocabulary Words:

Spelling-Write the words two times each.
Math-Review sheet in HW folder.
Science-Review sheet in HW folder.
Reading Log

Spelling-Write the words in ABC order.
Math-Review sheet in HW folder.
ELA-Write about today's field trip.  
Science-Test tomorrow.
Reading Log

Spelling-Write a sentence for words 1-4. Refer to the word list at the top of this page.
Math-No math tonight.
Science-Read the space article and complete the activity.
Reading Log

Spelling-Write a sentence for words 5-8. Refer to the word list at the top of this page. Test tomorrow.
Math-No math tonight.
Reader Response
Reading Log

Reading Log-This will be collected and checked on Monday.
*Incomplete/late logs will affect your child's HW grade.