Week of May 22nd

*Science-Chapter 3 test will be on Wednesday, May 24th.

*Cultural Arts-Please have your child wear their gym uniform and sneakers. They will be taking a Zumba class.

*Planners-The expectations for your child's planner is as follows:
-Neat handwriting.
-Homework is written in the correct subject area.
-There are no errors at the time it is being checked.
A sticker will be given if these expectations are met.

*Field Trip-We will be going to the Vanderbilt Planetarium on Tuesday, May 23rd. The fee is $23.50. 

*Extra Supplies-If you are able to provide our class with some extra supplies, it would be appreciated. We are in need of the following: crayons, glue sticks, and pencils. 
Thank you! :)

*Math-As your child moves on to module 4, it is important for their fact fluency to be strong. I encourage using addition and subtraction flash cards at home to help improve fact fluency.

*Assignments-Please encourage your child to write their first and​ last name on all of their work. We are trying to get them into this habit in the classroom as well. Thank you.

*Secret Readers-If you have not signed up and still want to, please contact the class moms. Please do not tell your child you are coming to the class. It is a secret :).

*Please visit the photo gallery on my school web page. I upload class pictures throughout the month.

*Please check your child's folders daily. The homework folder is for all assignments and the school folder is for notes, graded work and tests.

*Reading Logs-Please make sure to complete the log. Your child must read every night. Incomplete or late logs will affect their homework grade.

*Reader Response-Please work with your child and read over their writing. Check for correct capitalization, spelling and punctuation. It is important that your child corrects their mistakes. Incomplete or late responses will affect their homework grade.

*Graded Assignments/Tests-These will be returned in your child's school folder and can be kept at home.

*Recess Toys-Please discuss your expectations for the things your child brings in to play with at recess. We are not responsible for lost/broken cards, toys, etc.