When we return from vacation, we will be having a math module 4 test on lessons 1-8.  the test will be on Wednesday.  I will send everyone's books home with them over vacation, so they can review the lessons.

Spelling city

What's happening in 3-1 for the week of 2/6

Lesson 4: Relate side length with the number of tiles on one side.
Lesson 5: Form rectangles by tiling with Un. sq. to make arrays.
Lesson 6: Draw rows and columns to determine the area of a rectangle, given an incomplete array.
Lesson 7: Interpret area models to form rectangular arrays.
Lesson 8: Find the area of a rectangle through multiplication of the side lengths.

ELA: In this unit, students begin reading a classic piece of literature to build their understanding of how writers craft stories that capture a reader’s imagination. Students will begin their study of Peter Pan by exploring how readers hold on to a narrative over time when reading chapter books.

Energy Roles in an Ecosystem
Food Chains
Food Webs



3-1's Specials
Monday- Music and Stem
Tuesday- Gym
Wednesday- Gym 
Thursday- Library
Friday- Art