Reading Logs are due on Fridays.  Please check that the form is completed fully.  Only one question needs to be answered.  However, a paragraph must be completed on the lines below.  Failure to do so will be considered a missing homework.  I would appreciate it if you proofread your writing and the work is neat and legible.

We now have a new program called Power Pro.  I enter all grades at the end of the week for homework and if there are any assessment that week, I will attempt to enter as soon as possible.  Please keep updated with this information.

I will put the date of an assessment on my calendar.  If you chick on that assessment, I have tips on what to study and how.

2pt and 4pt rubrics are now posted on a separate page within this announcement page.

If a parent requests work for a child who is absent, please contact the office and they will forward the request to the teacher. All material will be brought down to the parish center by security.


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