Class Procedures

Rules & Procedures

Class Procedures

The following procedures will be followed in the 6th grade:

All books should remain covered at all times. Contact paper may only be used on workbooks. Please do not cover texts with contact paper.

Students are expected to come to class prepared with the appropriate textbooks, notebooks, pens, and pencils. This is part of class participation and will count toward report card grades.

Absent notes must be brought into school on the day following the child’s absence. Failure to bring in an absent will result in an unexcused absence on the report card.

Proper uniforms must be worn at all times. Only regulatory sweatshirts may be worn. No sneakers on non-gym days to be worn. This will result in an infraction.

The homeroom bell will ring at 7:50 a.m. Any student who comes to class after the bell will be marked late.

Students are not permitted to go to their lockers after 7:50 a.m. unless their bus is late. Daily homework must be written in assignment pads by the homeroom bell.

If a child is going to be late, must leave early, or will not be going on the bus, a note must be written.

By 7:50 a.m., students must be prepared for the day and working on daily morning assignments.

By 1:50 p.m., all students must be packed, seated, and reading quietly until dismissal. Failure to do so will be reflected on the report card.

It is the student’s responsibility to empty his/her desk completely at the end of the day.

Food and beverage are not allowed in the classroom unless there is a medical condition supported with a doctor’s note.

Homework Policy:

  •   All homework must be on the student’s desk at the beginning of each new class period.

  •   Homework is given Monday - Thursday. Occasionally there may be an assignment given

    on a Friday, but only if necessary.

  •   Homework is to be completed for the next school day unless the class is told otherwise.

  •   After two missed homework assignments, there will be a phone call home to the parent or an e-mail will be sent. Missed homework assignments are expected to be completed. In the case that excessive homework is missed or incomplete, the child’s effort/homework grades will be affected.

  •   It is the student’s responsibility to complete all missed assignments due to absence. The assignments will be due when the child returns to school. Missing tests will be discussed. Not all quizzes and tests need to be made up.

  •   All homework requests are to be called in to the office no later than 8:30
    a.m. Homework will be placed outside of the office by the end of the school day.

  •   If a child must be pulled out for vacation while school is in session, please refer to each

teacher’s webpage for assignments to be completed.

Testing Policy:

o Chapter tests will be given at the end of every chapter. Because each math and science chapter covers an abundance of information, certain chapters may be split and two tests may be given per chapter.

o Quizzes will also be given periodically.

o There will be sufficient notice prior to chapter tests. Also, each student will be given a review sheet before the test, and there will be a review class before a test.

o There will be one or two day’s notice for a quiz. There will be no pop quizzes.

Reading Incentive:

o Regular, independent reading is encouraged. Every child must have his/her own book in class to read independently. Through the use of weekly reading logs, the amount of books read by each student can be monitored. When a book is complete, a parent will sign the log and the book will be posted in the classroom using stickers.

o A reading log must be completed and handed in every Friday on the required form.  This form will be given in the class or can be printed out from my website.  Failure to do so will be considered a missing homework.

o Each child is responsible to read at least four books per trimester. When completed, they will be rewarded, as a class, at the end of the year.