Classroom Rules

Classroom rules for 6th grade

  1. I will raise my hand and not call out.

  2. I will stay seated during lessons.

  3. I will hand assignments in on time.

  4. I will remain seated and speak softly until my bus is called.

  5. I will put my seat up and empty desk before my bus is called.

  6. I will keep water bottles in my locker.

  7. I will keep my chromebook closed during prayers- only used when given permission.

  8. I will be quiet during a test.

  9. I will remain quiet when going to specials; changing classes, and form a straight line.

  10. I will sign out for the bathroom; one person at a time.

  11. I will go directly to my locker and get my books for the day and be ready to change classes.

  12. I can only charge my chromebook at home.

  13. I will keep my chromebook in my case when not in use.