6-3 Mrs. Marie Marro

Welcome to Class 6-3!

Hello!  My name is....
Mrs. Marie Marro



About The Teacher

This is my eleventh year at St. Patrick's School, and I am so happy to be here to teach your children.

My academic career began in Brooklyn at St. Sylvester School and St. Michael High School, where I could not have gotten a better foundation to my life! It is my hope that your children will have the same or even better 
experiences than I've had. 

My hope for this year is to learn as much as we can. I want your children to wake up each morning happy and eager to get to school and to love being here. We are going to have a great year!

My Mission for the Class

It is my mission to provide students with a safe learning environment where their uniqueness is valued and respected by both their peers and myself and to encourage students to develop their thoughts and talents, and to challenge my students to do their very best. It is my goal to make each moment a new discovery, each lesson a learning experience, and each day an occasion to be remembered.