7th Grade Science Homework
Tuesday, May 9
Study for quiz.
Start vocabulary booklet on energy
Bring in a folder to use for the
science final project.

Monday, May 8
Complete quiz review sheet.
7-1 and 7-3 will have the quiz this Friday.
7-2 will have the quiz this Wednesday.

Friday, May 5
Submit your vocabulary booklets.
Complete worksheet on energy.

Thursday, May 4
Complete the review and reinforce worksheet
on energy.

Wednesday, May 3
Make sure you have textbook pages
108 to 113 completed.

Tuesday, May 2
Complete textbook pages 111 to 113 completed.

Monday, May 1
Complete all classroom work.

Tuesday, April 25

Read textbook pages 70 to 73.
Answer all questions.

Monday, April 24
Study for Newton's Laws Test
7-2 Test tomorrow
7-1, 7-3 test Wednesday.

Monday, April 3
Class 7-1  Read pg 56 to 57 and answer questions
Class 7-2  Study for quiz tomorrow
Class 7-3  Study for quiz Wednesday

Friday, March 31
Quiz for 7-1 on Monday
Quiz for 7-2 on Tuesday
Quiz for 7-3 on Wednesday

Thursday, March 30
Complete review sheet for quiz
on Newton's Laws of Motion

Wednesday, March 29

Complete momentum worksheets

Tuesday, March 28

Complete worksheet on momentum.
Quiz next week on Newton's Laws of Motion

Monday, March 6
All projects are due.

Tuesday, February 28

All written work is due by this Thursday

Monday, February 27
Data and Analysis is due by Wednesday.
Conclusion is due by Thursday.

Thursday, February 16
Continue working on science fair.
All work assigned for the last few weeks
please finish by tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 15

Materials and Procedure due this Friday.
Research due this Friday.
Start experiments at home.

Tuesday, February 14
Research due this Friday.

Monday, February 13
Start Research.  Due this Friday
Obtain the tri-fold display board.

Tuesday, February 7
Purpose, Title, and Hypothesis due
this Thursday.
Start Research.

Monday, February 6

Work on Purpose, Title, and Hypothesis
for the Science Fair Project.

Thursday, February 2
Study for quiz on friction and gravity

Wednesday, February 1
Complete quiz review sheet

Monday, January 30

Complete friction worksheet
Science fair topic due this Friday

Wednesday, January 25

Science Fair Topic due Friday, Feb. 3

Tuesday, January 24

Read pages 41 to 43 in the textbook
and answer all questions.
Complete worksheet.
Bring in a folder.

Monday, January 23
Complete vocabulary booklet and submit it.
Complete the Pearson assignments.

Wednesday, January 18
Read textbook pages 36 to 39.
Answer all questions.
Complete 2 Pearson assignments.

Wednesday, January 11

Study for quiz

Tuesday, January 10
Complete review sheet for quiz
Class 7-2 will take the quiz Thursday.
Classes 7-1 and 7-3 will take the 
quiz Friday.

Monday, January 9

Complete forces worksheet
Quiz on Forces this Thursday

Thursday, January 5
Read textbook pages 32 to 34.
Answer all questions

Wednesday, January 4
Complete the Pearson assignment

Tuesday, January 3

Complete Pearson assignment, "Sir Isaac Visits the Circus."

Wednesday, Dec. 21
Study for Motion test tomorrow

Tuesday, Dec. 20
Complete review sheet for Motion test.
Submit all vocabulary terms.

Monday, Dec. 19
Complete review sheet for Motion test.
Submit all vocabulary terms.

Monday, Nov. 28
Complete worksheet on speed.
Complete review sheet on Motion quiz.
Quiz this Wed for 7-2
and Thursday for 7-1 and 7-3

Tuesday, Nov. 22
Complete review sheet

Monday, Nov. 21

Read textbook pages 12 to 15.
Answer all questions.

Wednesday, Nov. 16
Complete Pearson assignments started
in class.
Bring a ruler to class.

Tuesday, Nov. 15

Complete worksheet on motion

Monday, Nov. 14

Read textbook pages 8 to 11

Wednesday, Nov. 9
Complete Pearson assignment on motion

Monday, Nov. 7

Read textbook pages 4 to 7 in Forces 
and Motion.  Answer all questions on each

Monday, Oct. 28

Study for test this week.
7-1 will take the test Wednesday
7-2 and 7-3 will take the test Thursday.

Thursday, Oct. 27

Complete the review sheet for next week's test.
Bring a ruler to class tomorrow.

Wednesday, Oct. 26
Bring a metric ruler to class Friday.
Test next week on Scientific Method and "Science
  in the Natural World."

Tuesday, Oct. 25
Complete all vocabulary terms in your booklet
Bring a metric ruler to class

Monday, Oct. 24
Complete all classroom work

Friday, Oct. 7
Complete worksheet
Complete Pearson text assignment, "Inquiry

Thursday, Oct. 6
Complete worksheet
Return Adventureland field trip slip

Tuesday, Oct. 4
Read textbook pages 22 to 24.
Answer ques. on pages 22, 23, and 24
Return Adventureland field trip slip

Monday, Oct. 3
Read textbook pages 19 to 21.
Answer questions found on pages
19, 20, 21.

Thursday, Sept. 29
Finish vocabulary
Read textbook pages 15 and 16.
Complete questions only on page 16.

Tuesday, Sept. 27
Finish vocabulary terms
Read pages 14 to 15.  Answer questions
on pages 14 and 15.

Monday, Sept. 26

Finish vocabulary started in class
Read pages 10 to 13.  Answer the
questions on pg 10, 11, and 12.

Wednesday, Sept. 21
All etextbook assignments are due tomorrow.
Classes 7-1 and 7-3 will have their quiz this Friday.
Class 7-2 will have their quiz Monday.

Tuesday, Sept. 20

Check over the vocabulary pages in booklet.
Complete review sheet.
Complete textbook assignments (from Monday).
Quiz moved to Friday.

Monday, Sept. 19
All vocabulary due tomorrow.
Complete textbook assignments.
Quiz on Science and the Natural World this Thursday.

Wednesday, Sept. 14
Complete vocabulary words started in class
Read textbook pages 8 to 10

Tuesday, Sept. 13
Complete vocabulary words started in class
Read textbook pages 4 to 8

Monday, Sept. 12
Bring your chromebook, notebook, workbook,
and folder into school tomorrow.