8th Grade Science Homework
Thursday, May 11
Complete Mitosis project due
Wed., May 16

Tuesday, May 9
Complete Part II NYS 2015

Monday, May 8
Finish questions 46 to 62 from
Part II NYS 2015

Tuesday, April 25
Complete worksheets on photosynthesis.
Start Part I NYS 2015

Monday, April 24
Finish Part I, NYS 2014
Read textbook pages 44 to 49.
Answer all questions.

Tuesday, March 28
Complete packet on "The Cell in its 

Monday, March 27
Read textbook pages 28 to 33.

Monday, March 20
Chemistry Test

Thursday, March 9
Read textbook pages 130 to 135.
Answer all questions.
Element project due next Tuesday

Wednesday, March 8
Complete vocabulary booklet.
Submit all work to me

Tuesday, March 7
Complete Pearson assignment on
how ions form.
Adopt-an-Element due next Tuesday

Monday, March 6
Read textbook pages 124 to 129.
Answer all questions.
Adopt-an-Element project due Tues, March 14

Wednesday, March 1
8-1 quiz this Friday
8-3 quiz next Monday
8-2 quiz next Tuesday

Monday, February 27

Complete review sheet for Atoms and Periodic Table quiz

Thursday, February 16

Complete worksheets on Periodic Table

Wednesday, February 15
Read textbook pages 84 to 89.
Answer all questions.

Tuesday, February 14
Finish worksheets on atoms

Monday, February 13
Read textbook pages 80 to 83
Answer all questions

Tuesday, February 7

Complete worksheet on atom

Monday, February 6
Complete worksheet started in class.
BrainPop due Thursday.

Wednesday, February 1
8-2 quiz this Thursday
8-3 and 8-1 quiz this Friday

Tuesday, January 31
Complete review sheet
Select topic for STEM fair

Monday, January 30
Complete Matter quiz review sheet
Study using Quizlet program

Wednesday 25
Read textbook pages 72 to 79.
Answer all questions

Tuesday, January 24
Read textbook pages 8 to 13 and
answer all questions.

Monday, January 23
Complete vocabulary booklet
Complete Pearson assignments

Wednesday, January 18

Read textbook pages 72 to 76.
Answer all questions.

Wednesday, January 11

Complete worksheet on matter

Tuesday, January 10
Read textbook pages 4 to 7.
Answer all questions

Monday, January 9
Bring in your Chemistry workbook to class
Field trip permission slips are due tomorrow

 Wednesday, January 4
Study for Cells Test.
Class 8-2 on Friday.
Classes 8-1 and 8-3 on Monday

Tuesday, January 3
Submit your vocabulary booklets
Complete the review sheet for test

Tuesday, Dec. 6
Complete review sheet for cell vocabulary quiz

Monday, Dec. 5
Complete Plant and Animal Cells Project
Complete worksheet on Plant Cells

Monday, Nov. 28
Complete worksheet on cells.
Plant and Animal Cells Project due this Friday.

Wednesday, Nov. 16

Complete textbook pages 16 to 19.
Answer all questions.

Tuesday, Nov. 15
Google Classroom project due Thursday
Read textbook pages 12 to 15.  Answer
all questions on each page.

Monday, Nov. 14
Complete worksheet on cells
Google Classroom cell project due
this Thursday.

Monday, Nov. 7

Complete review worksheet on microscopes.
Quiz on microscopes as follows:
8-3   Wednesday
8-1 and 8-2   Thursday

Wednesday, Nov. 2
Complete worksheet on microscopes

Monday, Oct. 31
Complete packet on microscopes

Friday, Oct. 27
Read textbook pages 8 to 11.  
Answer all questions.  Due Wed.

Wednesday, Oct. 26

Complete the cells worksheet
Wear full uniform tomorrow for 
field trip to St. Doms' HS

Tuesday, Oct. 25
Complete the cells worksheet

Monday, Oct. 24
Return the St. Dom's field trip slips
Complete the vocabulary booklet

Thursday, Oct. 20
Complete all classroom work

Wednesday, Oct. 19
Complete all classroom work

Tuesday, Oct. 18
8-2 test tomorrow
Bring Cells and Heredity Workbooks
Return field trip slips by Monday

Monday, Oct. 17
8-1 and 8-3 test tomorrow

Thursday, Oct. 13
Study for "What is Life" test next week
Review sheets due.

Wednesday, Oct. 12
Complete workbook page 31.
Classification Project due this weekend.
Test next Tuesday.

Tuesday, Oct. 11

Make sure your vocabulary booklet is up to date.
Complete Pearson assignment on Domains.  Due tomorrow.
Work on the Animal Classification project.  Due this Friday.
Test next Tuesday on "What is Life?"

Thursday, Oct. 6
Complete worksheet
Complete Pearson e-text assignment
"How are Organisms Classified into
Domains and Kingdoms?"

Wednesday, Oct. 5
Read textbook pages 22 to 25.
Answer all questions

Tuesday, Oct. 4
Read textbook pages 20 to 22.
Answer all questions

Monday, Oct. 3

Read textbook pages 18 and 19. Complete
answers found on page 18.
E-textbook assignment due Wed.

Thursday, Sept. 29
Finish vocabulary
Read textbook pages 14 to 17.
Answer questions on pg 14, 15, and 16

Monday, Sept. 26
Complete review sheet for quiz
8-3 will take the quiz Wed.
8-1 & 8-2 will take the quiz Thurs.

Thursday,  Sept. 23
Complete worksheet
Finish vocabulary started in class
Quiz next week

Wednesday, Sept. 21
The e-textbook assignments are due this Friday.
Answer and submit questions at the end of Redi and 
Pasteur assignment. 

Tuesday, Sept. 20

Complete the rest of the vocabulary terms.
Complete textbook assignments (given Monday).

Monday, Sept. 19
Complete vocabulary terms started in class.
Read textbook pages 9 to 13
Complete textbook reading assignments.

Wednesday, Sept. 14

Complete vocabulary terms started in class.
Read pages 8 to 10 in your textbook.

Tuesday, Sept. 13
Complete vocabulary terms started in class.
Check to see if you can get into Google Classroom.
Read pages 4 to 7 in your textbook.

Monday, Sept. 12
Bring your notebook, workbook and folder into