K-1 Christine Jones

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* Wednesday
begins Lent ~ ASH WEDNESDAY ~ We will attend 12:00 mass to receive ashes

* Friday, March 3rd
is 11:00 dismissal

* Please label everything!

* Please check the website DAILY as homework might change and new important events might arise

* Send in a NUT FREE snack and
 drink to school daily in a separate bag from your child's lunch

* Send a packed lunch on days your child does not get Hot Lunch
(if it contains nuts [either sandwich or a lunch snack] please label it & place a note in your child's folder)

* If there is a change in dismissal -
send a note in your child's folder in the AM

* If a change in dismissal arises during the day -
please call the main office & email me

* Make sure to attend the Virtus Training if you woul
d like to attend field trips, class parties, celebrate birthdays, or participate in any school/classroom activity and/or event. Check the school website for dates/times.

* Please label all pieces of clothing,
toys, snack & lunch boxes, water bottles, etc.

* Practice the sign of the cross & say prayers with your child daily

* Practice with your child how to hold a crayon/pencil correctly
with their dominant hand

* Review difference between Left & Right



Monday -- Music
Tuesday -- Gym
Wednesday -- Art
Thursday -- Gym
Friday -- Library
* We will have STEM class, use iPads and go to the Computer Lab*