Sight Words:

 of ~ they ~ she ~ with ~ me ~ we
he ~ for ~ you~ like ~ my ~ have ~ is
  a ~ to ~ little ~ the ~ am ~

Please send in Glue Sticks-- we are almost out!
Thank you!

Monday 2/27
Science- 5 Senses worksheet

Tuesday 2/28

ELA- lesson 13.3
Math- lesson 26

Wednesday 3/1
Religion- booklet and worksheet
Math- lesson 27

Thursday 3/2
ELA- worksheet & reader
Math- lesson 27

~ For Math Module 3, the homework will be a photocopied sheet from the module book and will be sent home.
Their book will stay in school (it is a pretty big one!)

~ Please make sure that the ELA Module 4 book comes back to school the day after the children have homework in it, as we use it in school daily

~ Book Buddies should be read daily and returned on Thursday