K-2 News

Each day your child needs to bring in their backpack and folder (for all notes and communications/homework etc.) Send in a healthy snack & small drink in a labeled bag each day and lunch with a drink. Please send in a drink for lunch if they are not receiving milk. Please make sure your child knows if they have a peanut butter sandwich or lunch and inform us with a note. 

WE ARE A NUT FREE CLASSROOM! No peanuts or nut products are allowed in the classroom. Allergies are very serious! 

*Important News:
If your child is absent for any reason or will be late, please notify me right away via email or phone. I must notate whether your child is sick or any other reason, on Powerschool attendance. If you do not contact me, you may get a phone call from the school.
 If you go away, have an important event, or whatever the reason; please let me know in advance. I can get your child's work together so they don't fall behind. 
Please let me know if there are any changes in dismissal with a note in your child's folder.

What we are learning in Kindergarten:

* Circle time- calendar, days of the week, months of the year, weather, morning message, seasons
* Stories
Letter recognition & Phonics
Colors & Shapes
* Learning centers - working with and playing with others (sharing, kindness, helping)
* Participating in classroom activities

* Math - Module 5 Tens and ones, numbers to 100
* Handwriting Without Tears - learning how to hold a pencil correctly, using correct posture and correct letter formation. Please correct your child if they are beginning on the bottom. We write our letters from the top! We are learning to write our first and last names neatly.
* Fine motor skills - coloring, cutting and pasting
* Syllables, compound words, rhyming

* Sight words - I, a, am, the, little, to, to, have, is, we, my, like, for, he, she, with, me, look, see, they, you, of, are, do, that, one, two, three, four, five, go, here, from, yellow, blue, green, what, was, said, come, where

* Religion - Ch. 26 We Celebrate that Jesus is our Friend
* ELA Module - Plants
* ELA Skills 5 (students should be reading and writing CVC words and phrases, begin sentences on their own)
* Journal Writing
* Science - Living Things
* Social Studies - Ch 2 Everybody Works
* Math & Spelling bee

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