Monday 5/22
ELA Unit 5 - 16.2, Review letter sounds PP1 - PP10
ELA pgs. 453 & 454
Book Buddy 
New Math Module 5 lessons 1 & 2

Tuesday 5/23
ELA Unit 5 - PP11 & PP12
ELA pgs 450 & 457
Book Buddy (return Book Buddy Wednesday)
Math lessons 3 & 4

Wednesday 5/24
ELA Skills PP13, PP14, PP15
ELA pgs. 455 & 456
Read What Pets Do 3 times
Math lessons 5 & 6

Thursday 5/24 No School - Ascension Thursday

Friday 5/25  - Social Studies Show & Tell - Bring in a toy and discuss:
* Why did I choose it?
* Who bought it? What did they use to buy it?
* What job would I like to do when I get older to earn money?

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

** A number of students are regressing with their Left and Right as well as praying The Sign of the Cross correctly. Please practice this at home. Use the Religion Ch. 22 booklet as a study aid. Good habits start early!

Continue to help your child practice and memorize their : full name, address and phone number. When your child has mastered this important information, send in the sheet and I will test them. Prizes will be given. Due anytime until the end of the school year. 

For those students who have May, June, July or August birthdays, please email me to arrange scheduling the celebration in class. 

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