Links for all grades
Google Classroom
Extensions are add-ons to Google Chrome that help your computer work better for you.
  • One extension used in class is Classroom Split. From the creator: Clicking the Chrome extension icon opens up the Google Classroom assignments page side by side with the students work. Students can easily view their assignment directions while working.
  • Another extension that the 5th and 6th grade has used is Highlight Tool. From the creator: Use "Highlight Tool" for additional highlighting needs in Google Documents. Create and edit customized highlighters that automatically save. Use these highlighters to highlight selected text.  Export the highlighted text to a separate document by sequence or by color.

Buncee Presentation website.

Castle Learning Classroom teachers will assign work in Castle Learning to develop and reinforce classroom lessons.

Quiver Website

Students can go to this website to learn more about the app we used in class. Using the app we have celebrated Dot Day and Halloween. There are also resources for science topics and other fun coloring sheets.



Students will continue to practice their typing skills. As they progress they will move up on our Tip-Top Typing Bulletin Board.


Safe Search Engines:



For younger students try The website offers levels for beginners. They also have MINECRAFT and STAR WARS programs for a bit more of a challenge.  No login is required, but they can set up an account if they choose to do so and watch the Lines of Code grow. Recommended for grades 2 and up, Moana was introduced this year. It also uses block code similar to Blocky used with our robots.

With Scratchprogram your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community.

Ready for more of a challenge, try Code Academy. Learn Java or make a website.  

When students are finished with the serious work, try Made with Code for some fun projects.  



ThingLink With ThingLink, students can create interactive posters.

Jam studio - Create your own song.