Our School


Based on the belief that God has created humanity as a fitting vessel for divine life and has given that divine life to human-kind most fully in the person of Jesus Christ, we affirm that the human person must be challenged and enabled to grow to wholeness through relationship to Jesus Christ and other persons.

It is in the atmosphere enlivened by the Gospel spirit of justice and charity that the child will be drawn to know himself/herself as an intelligent, creative, responsive, responsible, and loving being whose potential for greatness goes beyond himself or herself. It is in the Christian Community of the school that he/she will know himself/herself and other persons as fragile, sensitive, joyful, playful, and worthy of respect. Children need one another; the gift of self to others leads to a true knowledge of self. 

The curriculum of St. Patrick’s School encompasses this philosophy and seeks the education of the whole child. The goals of our curriculum seek to recognize and meet the individual needs of all students through academic challenge, development of leadership, individual creativity, and Christian responsibility. All aspects of the curriculum are ultimately directed to God and how the child learns to love and respect life, beauty, and his/her physical growth. The educational process leads young people to choose Christian values, since the person of Christ is the model they come to know as the perfection of all that is human. Through the development of self-discipline, self-motivation, and self-reflection, students learn critical thinking, and prophetic decision making, thereby becoming prepared to cope with life. Ultimately, students will be able to immerse themselves completely in life and bring new hope for the future in the imitation of Lord Jesus.
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