Strep Throat - 03/17
We are seeing a higher than usual amount of Strep throat here at St Patrick's School.

Strep is a bacterial infection, passed through nose and mouth secretions. It usually presents with sore throat and fever, but can also cause headache, stomach ache, malaise and even a rash. It can cause Scarlet fever, Rheumatic fever, Impetigo and kidney trouble if not treated. 

For the safety of all our students here at St Patrick's, if your child exhibits any of the symptoms mentioned for longer than a 24 hr period, have them examined by their pediatrician.  

Should your child test positive for strep throat we are asking you keep them home for 48 hours after they have started the antibiotic's prescribed. We understand this can be a hardship for families to keep children home, but it is the best way to make sure your child gets well and prevents others from becoming sick. 
Please take a moment to educate your child to throw away used tissues and frequent hand washing with warm water and soap. 

Thank you.

Jackie Silvers
School Nurse